Learning to just BE…

“Dear God, I am not asking for much here. Just five kid-free minutes to myself. I’m not asking for a good shower–the one where you shave your legs and pumice your heels and slather you limbs with sea-salt-lemon-mimosa foaming body scrub and exfoliate whatever bits need exfoliating. Nothing like that. Just five minutes under a stream of hot water so I can shampoo the ick out of my hair, slop on a little conditioner, swipe my face with a wash cloth, and just be.” – Tracy Mayor, Mommy Prayers. Just be? Hmmm…this prompted my blog post for today.

What does it mean for you to just be? I remember when taking my time at the grocery store or perhaps stopping to look at something at the store was easy. Pha! Now-a-days, the cart has to remain in motion at a significantly steady pace to avoid any calling out. Now, don’t get me wrong, my son doesn’t ask for things at the store or throw a fit when he can’t get a toy he wants. At age 3, he knows how we get things that we want. We work for money and then make the purchase. He likes to sort and put away the silverware. Funny? I know. For me to just be, I need peace. I need to have that moment to daydream. When I go to tea, or knit, or sew…I daydream. Or maybe I just stare into the middle of nowhere with my mouth hanging open. It doesn’t matter. Either way, it is pure bliss!

We as mothers need to take time to be. The world we live in is busy, so take time to be you. What do you like to do? What do you do to relax? I ask these questions because I have literally needed to train myself to SIT DOWN. It is HARD. Pre-Noah, I was also always busy; organizing, planning, planning, and well…more planning. I am still this person; however, I have learned to relax. I have learned to find things; like knitting, tea, scrapbooking, and quilting, that require me to be SEATED while working. I am probably ADD, maybe even ADHD. Both of my brothers were and my mom and dad also both have very “hyper” tendencies. I, however, learned to channel this energy since becoming a mom. Down time is a must for us to function 100%. My husband knows the basket case I can become if I do not get my moment to breathe. My 10 seconds when he gets home from work to wind down from my busy day. Yes, I know, he works hard too. I however, work hard in a different way that includes zero adult human interaction. I sing my ABC’s and finger paint. So, I need a break from time to time!

Find your “be” today…and just be. I don’t care if you walk out to get the mail and take 10 breathes in and 10 out before re-entering the house. It feels good. It really does and it is awesome!



3 thoughts on “Learning to just BE…

  1. Great message, I need reminded of this from time to time. I think your right, we need to slow down and take these few minutes so we can fulfill the many other things in our day.

  2. Hi Amanda! Great blog, I will enjoy reading it. You are so right about the time to just BE. Im learning to take that time for myself during naptime (while i still have the luxury of naptimes!)…. I used to push myself to get things done around the house, etc. But now I try to relax with a book, magazine, or even take a cat nap at times! If the neighbor kids would only leave me be while Im outside, HA!
    I can’t be the patient mom that I want to without a little me time, that’s for sure.

    • Thanks, Mom and Deanna. I really appreciate the input. I think this blog will be a fun way for me to write (which I really enjoy), share ideas, get ideas, and network with other moms (and grandmas!). More to come…

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