Happy 4th of July!


The strawberries are super easy to make! Just pick up a bag of white chocolate chips, melt them in the microwave for 10-15 minute increments until smooth (almost runny), use a fork to drizzle white chocolate over your berries, and then quickly sprinkle festive blue sugar on them! Wa-la!

This is an idea I borrowed and modified from Room to Inspire. Firework Licorice! What a profoundly GENIUS idea to bring as a treat for everyone while we watch the fireworks! Love, love, LOVE this!


Today, Noah and I hosted a 4th of July Playdate Party with our playgroup friends! What a blast we had! I love (there I go loving something again!) creating these memories for him. Something I always have enjoyed doing for Noah is hosting playdates; specifically themed ones! I love planning the theme, coming up with the crafts, making the “theme-related” snack, etc. For me, this is really what being a mom is all about!! Watching the kids have fun is something I find great joy in and I tend to cherish every moment with him as if it were the last. These moments of youth will not last forever!

I hope everyone has a fantastic, safe and sunny 4th of July!


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