My Endless Graditude Photo Journal

Some weeks, I find my self wordless…speachless. I find complete joy and endless love in the pictures I take of our son. I like to capture everything, every moment. I get this love for pictures from my mom who has told me, “You can NEVER have too many pictures. If I could, I would nevermind paint and wallpaper and surround the walls around me, every square inch, with pictures of the people I love.” She is not kidding! Those of you who may wonder why I take and share so many pictures; it is because of the love for capturing these memories that was passed down from my mother to me. I am always so deeply grateful; for my life, my husband, Noah, and sharing my life with my family.

Today, I am thankful for…

This 3-year-old boy, who finds SO MUCH joy in everything he does. He loves to learn, explore and most importantly, PLAY. His imagination is out of this world right now; literally, we were having a tea party in outer space today!


For these silly moments that do not last forever…

For the moments of pure greatness that you experience when you take a risk with dad…

For having the opportunity to watch you experience this sort of curiosity about the world that surrounds you…

For your love and curiosity right now regarding space, the planets and the complete unknown…

For our family…

For some of the older memories and pictures…only 7 months old and a visit to John Ball Park Zoo…

For this magical moment in time…

For this very moment, when God changed our lives forever…I am so, so thankful.

Why do I take so many pictures and find so much joy in scrapbooking and keep them in order? Well, this is why. These are memories I constantly want to be able to re-live whenever life calls. For this little boy, I am so thankful.


One thought on “My Endless Graditude Photo Journal

  1. This is just beautiful hun, I love you with all my heart. I do agree that you can never take to many pictures, and wish I would have had half the camera you have now when you kids were young. You sure get some great pictures, people that don’t share this love sure are missing out.

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