My Full Heart

I have so many things to be thankful for! I am a positive person; often “giddy” and potentially over-excited too often. Well, here is the thing. What do I have to be miserable or unhappy about? I look at and contemplate this world, scroll through my newsfeed on facebook, turn on the news (when I can figure out how to change the darn channel; I never watch TV) and all I see and hear is a constant highlight of the NEGATIVE things that we experience in life. It is hard, in such a negative and pessimistic world, to remain positive some days. When I have a bad day (which really is not often), all I have to do is look at the countless blessings that encircle me every day. I have faith and God so alive in my heart that it brings me to happy tears every day, the best friends in the world, a fabulous family, great in-laws, the best husband a woman could truly ever ask for, a beautiful son who has taken me so far beyond what I ever knew love could be, we live in a fabulous, child friendly city with endless opportunities for families, spectacular neighbors the we love dearly, a beautiful home that we love, extraordinary, compassionate, loving parents who have had my back since the day I was born, a “job” that I LOVE; it allows me to work from home part-time, utilize my degree in Political Science, work assiduously for a cause that has been close to my heart since I was first made aware of what evil can do to a world, and still be a stay-at-home-mom (which is clearly where I was meant to be). Watching my son learn, grow, investigate, explore and experience the world around him every single day has been a true gift and something that money or income would never be able to replace. I have not missed a single milestone and I have my husband (and GOD) to thank for that support.

Sometimes when I am driving down the road, I will start to cry the happiest tears randomly! My heart is always so full. I love to give and to make people feel good. I am truly a servant and I will spend my life loving. If you are not a “person of faith”; God is awesome! HE makes you happy, gives you hope, presents endless blessings, allows you to love, and gives you confidence to give when you don’t have anything; He bestows you the most substantial strength. When days are tough and feels like you are always under the hammer, stop dead in your tracks and count your blessings. You are at Target for baby wipes, late for an appointment, you lost your cell phone and you forgot your list? Been there and I’m not sure how to say this; it could be worse! I’d be willing to assume that there are so many more blessings than you think! What are your blessings today? What keeps you going every day?

Below, you will find two blessing in my life. Noah was 2, and Harmony (my niece) was 5, taking their donation to Crayons4 Kids, an organization dedicated to brightening the lives of hospitalized children across America. This organization collects crayons, coloring books, DVDs, books, blankets, and more to pass them out to hospitalized children. This past Christmas, Noah and Harmony got very eager and involved in collecting and buying items to give these hospitalized children for the holidays. PLANT the giving seed; a heart full of love will grow.

Be thankful everyday; all glory to God!


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