The Little Things…

I call this blog post the little things…because they are what really matter. It is the little things that happen everyday that create the “big things” in our lives. The big things being memories, family, and love. I cherish every “little thing” that happens everyday because that is the person I am.

Friday I got to spend the whole day with my mother-in-law quilting. It is amazing to me how sewing binds women together. Same with knitting. It is something I am so thankful to have come to know. We spent the evening with them at their house and had a pizza night and I (nearly) finished my polka-dot quilt that I am making for myself. This is the first quilt I have ever made for me and since it was a different project in that regard, I decided to quilt it different than ever before, too. Instead of quilting on the seams, I chalked my lines on. I love it. It was also my first attempt at a jellyrole patterned quilt. I will post pictures when it is complete. We ended the evening at Culvers for icecream. These little memories are what I hold dear, and in turn, will be what Noah learns to hold dear as well. I find joy in so many small things…maybe Noah got my “excited” personality? I think so…

Yesterday afternoon, we got to host our family cookout with Steve’s side of the family. It is always great to spend time with all of them. Noah was so excited to spend the night at grandma and grandpa R’s house that he ran out to their car and got into the car seat and started shouting “gramma…gramma…gramma!” from the front yard before everyone was even ready to go! Grandma’s Saturn Ion is an “awesome race car” in the eyes of our 3-year-old. He couldn’t wait to ride in it! So easy to please…

After Noah left last night, Steve and I decided to go make our shopping list for camping this week over a pot of tea at Chocolatea. The moment I walk through the door there, I relax. Every stress, to-do, and worry just vanish. It really is like magic. 😉 I do not know how else to describe the pure bliss I feel when I have a pot of hot tea! We sat on their patio overlooking the Portage Creek and had hot tea together. The weather was beautiful. That quiet 2 hours I got with my husband were so great.

After we got home, we went to bed. Steve had to work this morning and I didn’t even hear him get up or leave. I rolled over at 9:30 am this morning; with a breeze blowing over my face, a silent and clean house, and the sun was shining in my bedroom windows…hello Sunday!! I felt fantastic! I never sleep in…and a SILENT house? That is really unheard of!

I think today is going to be a GREAT day! Steve, thank you for spoiling me beyond my wildest imagination! You have hit this husband/marriage thing out of the park time and time again. Once again, today, I am thankful!!

– My Husband, Steve, and I – August 2012 –


One thought on “The Little Things…

  1. Beautifully wrote Mandy, you sure inspire us all to appreciate those little things as well. (As you said they really are the big things). 🙂 Great job. ❤

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