My Heart is Mush!

I will start off by saying that my baby starts Preschool on Tuesday…yes, TUESDAY! 11 years ago on Tuesday, I was sitting in a high school class watching arguably the worst day in our nation’s history take place before my eyes. Where has that 11 years gone? Now I am a mommy sending my precious son to preschool 11 short years later! I have not a single doubt that our little gem will move mountains when we set him off to soar, but on Tuesday, this mom will feel so incredibly lost. I have left him with family, friends, and even in a daycare center on Fridays since he was 18 months old…but this is different. This is OFFICIAL PRESCHOOL. I will be driving up and down Westnedge crying and sobbing like a loony tune waiting patiently for the time to pass. That little boy is my everything! As a parent, we always question what we have done when big milestones begin to take shape. Have I socialized him enough? Have I given him enough loves and kisses? Does he have the potential to make and be a good friend? Will he play with the blocks or trains or will my baby head straight for the cutting, crafting and art? I am already so proud of him. The little guy has an absolute heart of gold. Post to follow on Tuesday I am sure…


3 thoughts on “My Heart is Mush!

  1. Ohhhh!!! I totally hear you on this, Chloe starts tomorrow! I know that they are beyond ready for this next step…. It’s me who isn’t. The excitement in her eye when she talks about going to school is starting to sway me just a teeny weeny bit. :). Good luck to Noah! Can’t wait to hear the update!

  2. I so understand your feelings on this hun, seems like yesterday I watched you walk into the class room and I had to walk away. (I cried to) But the first day he will share his exciting stories of his day with you, and your heart will melt. You have prepared him to be ready for this, and he can so express himself , he will amaze them… 🙂 ❤

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