Pumpkin Slime!

We have two weeks packed with Halloween fun to celebrate and we are so excited! We are hosting the Halloween Costume Party for our playgroup, Noah’s preschool class is having a Halloween Party, we are going to a Halloween Party at Small World Learning Village, and we are having Noah friend Caden and cousins Harmony and Amyah over on Halloween to carve pumpkin and trick-or-treat! SO…we needed a fun treat for all of his friends and we (or at least I) wanted to steer clear of candy…because he will certainly be getting enough of that! I gave Noah the choice – Pumpkin Slime or Pumpkin Playdoh?! He picked the slime! YESSSS! We love getting messy over here. Follow the easy steps below to make this  treat for ANY holiday!

1 teaspoon Borax powder
1 1/2 cups cold water
5 oz. Elmer’s glue (You can use clear glue or the white. We prefer the clear!)
Red and Yellow Food Coloring

Add 1 tsp of Borax powder to 1 cup of cold water.

Stir mixture until the Borax dissolves and then sit it aside for a few minutes.

Pour 5 oz. of liquid Elmer’s Glue into a separate mixing bowl. Then add 1/2 cup of cold water to the bowl with the glue. Stir together.

Add 2 drops of red food coloring and 2 drops of yellow food coloring to the glue/water mixture. Mix together and you get a rocking pumpkin orange! Yey!

Pour your 1 cup or water/Borax mixture into the bowl of glue/water/food coloring mixture. Watch the AWESOME happen! The kids love this…and I really have fun inspiring wonder and curiosity. 🙂 Mix well. It will start to thicken. Dump any excess water out of “Slime.”

Knead with hands. This is where the real fun begins! Great for sensory play!

I bought 2 oz. plastic cups with lids from Gordons and this is how we will gift the Pumpkin Slime to our friends for Halloween!

I packaged them cute with candy corn bags from Dollar Tree. 🙂 I made up this poem, as well. Feel free to use it! Have fun and feel free to email me with any questions!


This idea was inspired by All Things Simple.


Swetest Day – Date Night

I don’t go crazy over “Sweetest Day”, after all, it isn’t even a real holiday! However, my hubby and I had planned a date night out and we had so much fun together. I love you like crazy, Steve! I cannot think of a single better way to spend a date night than going to dinner, eating SLOWLY (which is a total bonus when you are parents!!), going to Chocolatea to have tea, listen to live music, eat some sweet treats, and then to close Barnes & Noble down! We are wild and crazy I tell ya! LOL!

Recently Steve and I have been doing puzzles together and he taught me to play chess. We have so much fun and I am so happy to say that I beat him in our second game. 😉 I was the clear…I had my game ON!

Every moment, every second…is such a gift with Steve.

I Married a Super Star

I spend a lot of time talking and being proud of our awesome son, Noah. I am going to take some time tonight and reflect on someone else that is very special in my life; my husband Steve. He is always looking to better himself in every, single aspect of life and so much of the determination and drive I have for trying my best everyday to be a great mom, comes from him. He sets our pace. Steve works a full time job, goes to school part time, manages a small home-based business, created and maintains a website and blog, pulls his weight at home and does not fall short in the slightest when it comes to being a father and husband. Here is why.

Steve is a Chemist and has been at his job for several years. He works very hard every day to try and make a work environment that is pleasant and takes time out of his day to recognize the strengths in his co-workers. You don’t come by that every day. People too often spend their lives miserable at their jobs without picking out a single positive! He makes his best attempt, every day, at applying the knowledge he has gained through all the audio books, motivational speakers and financial leaders that he listens to. I’m so proud of him for always putting his best foot forward and never looking back. He will, and is, making a big impression.

While maintaining, and striving, at his full time job, Steve has been taking classes at WMU to complete his degree. Thankfully he seems to be the type that stores information and doesn’t need to spend hours and hours studying to do well in a class. Steve performs well and is continuing to move forward on this front and I, again, am so proud of him for continuing to pursue this goal.

Steve has spent many hours over the last few years building a business called deSIGNed Vinyl. I remember when we first had the vinyl cutter delivered to the door of our 600 square foot apartment. There was NO WAY that big thing was going next to my dining room table! Well, 3+ years later, I realize what a great thing it really was. Not only do I have this machine at my disposal when I find a savvy quote I want on our wall at home, but Steve has really done a great job with the development of this company. He really strives to provide his customers with industry leading service and satisfaction all while making it a very personal experience. He has come a long way and I look forward to seeing where his knowledge and ideas take us in the future!!

When I say Steve pulls his weight at home, it is an understatement to say the very least. Steve is always saying, “What can I do to help?” The power in thse 6 words is astronomical! Even if I don’t need help, it always puts me at ease knowing he is on my team! After all, those that know me know that my body language is not strong at all when I am under pressure ;). Steve is so good at reading me. Okay ladies, here it goes! He sweeps and mops every floor surface in our house every weekend, he helps with the dishes, he dusts, he does laundry, he cleans bathrooms, and HE is not for sale! Lol! He blows my mind with how willing he is to help out with upkeep of the house. I will say, most men fall short in this area; however, Steve doesn’t! He is a SUPER STAR husband and I am 100% willing to scream that out loud!

Most importantly, Steve makes Noah and I his #1 priority no matter what. There has never been a time that I have felt Steve put work or school before our family. Steve has never missed a special day, occasion, or milestone with Noah and I have faith he never will. This is a father. Someone who sets an outstanding example everyday to his son relaying the idea that THIS is how a man, father and husband should be. Family comes first. Steve takes Noah to swimming lessons, soccer class, music class, and storytimes and enjoys himself all the while! Steve is teaching Noah very valuable lessons simply by the way he lives. Put your heart and all into everything that you do every day. Take risks. Fail. Apoligize. Succeed. Steve is the absolute best husband a woman could ever dream for. Leave your socks all over the house for the rest of our lives, hunny, and I clearly have no room to complain.

You knock it out of the park everyday, Steve, and I love to here your endless inspirational ideas, quotes, and business dreams. I have no doubt you will get there and at the pace you have set, time is no object. You keep fascinating me every day; with drive, goals, dreams, and plans. God knows I love a PLAN.