Our Family Mission

My husband and I have been talking for so long about coming up with a family mission statement to display in our home. Last evening we spent some time really thinking about what we are about as a family, what is important to us, what are strengths are as a family and couple, things we could do better as a family, the main “purpose” of our home, and what our priorities are. When we make deliberate decisions about what we’re about as a family, certain choices will become a no-brainer. You’re at peace with the choices you make, because they align with your priorities! After several hours of sitting in our living room, laying on the couch together, Steve and I came up with what we think is a perfect mission for our family: “To maintain our spirits, bodies, minds, relationships, and serve in accordance with God’s will.” I will break it down a little bit, mainly for my own good and reference.

Maintaining Our Spirits:

Really making sure we are ALWAYS putting God FIRST in our lives. I’d like to say that we always do, but sometimes in the craziness of life, it is sometimes too easy to not take the time to step back and take time to pray, reflect and focus on Him and His word. God is always our guide, but we must always strive to focus on the peace, joy, and wisdom that God has to offer.

Maintaining Our Bodies:

Physical health has always been something so important and close to my heart. There have been several “genetic” diseases in my family that I have always made my best effort at avoiding. I have always been active, played sports, and spent countless hours at the gym. My husband has played hockey, soccer and really enjoyed mountain biking. We have decided to place more focus on the importance of these things. We did first after Noah was born, but it is such a challenge with a young child to make time for these things.

Maintaining Our Minds:

We, as a family, are committed to constantly learn, grow, and explore. You have probably heard me mention this before. We are always looking to better ourselves thru gaining knowledge and learning new things. By doing this, we will keep our minds active, open and alive!

Maintain Our Relationships:

This portion of our mission is so valuable. Healthy relationships are important. Steve and I are always working to serve each other during the challenges, stresses and busy everyday lives. We work hard, too, to provide Noah with what we believe a parent is supposed to be. We make it a point to show the people we love how much we care thru our actions and words.

And Serve:

Our family believes God has called us to serve others. We believe strongly in teaching Noah to be a Giver, not a taker. We strive everyday to provide Noah with the experiences and lessons that will teach him to be a giving, serving member of our community. I like to serve people, and I have a special love for children, no matter how small! A degree in Political Science attracted me because of Public Service and people.

In Accordance With God’s Will:

All of the above depend on one thing…God. Our relationship with God in our life, we believe, really sets the pace for how productive, successful, and happy we can be. With God’s guidance and our faith, we will conquer all things as a family. Every bit of my strength, motivation and energy come from our God!

I am so thankful God provided me with a husband whose values, priorities, goals, and morals so closely align with mine. We are different in our focus on certain priorities, but we have grown with our differences and learned so much from one another. OUR mission reflects who we are as people, what is important to us and who we are as a family. We are very excited about this! We have every intention of making it into a vinyl and displaying it our home for important reference and constant reminder for the years to come. I have always thrived when I focus, and this will provide us a vital focal point as we grow spiritually, grow our minds, maintain our bodies, focus to thrive in our relationships, and SERVE in accordance with God’s will. “A Mission”, to me, sounds a lot like a new challenge. Bring. It. On.


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