Sorry to leave everyone on their toes and thinking that I forgot about my word of focus for 2013!! I have not forgotten, in fact, it has been at the forefront of my thoughts for weeks!! One evening, I even broke down crying about it because I was having a tough time narrowing it down. Since I tend to complicate things sometimes, I decided on the word REAL; however, I will be focusing on the acronym for the word REAL. He we go…

The ‘R’ in REAL represents the word RISK, which has been at the tip of my tongue forever, but I have not been able to commit to taking more risks for reasons pointed out in my previous post regarding my compulsion to plan every detail. 2013, for me, will focus on taking RISKS and letting God set the path. After all, as you all know, our son was not part of “the plan” or written in my planner in May of 2008 and my God, he has been the single best blessing and gift that God could have ever given us! Risk #1? Blessings Unlimited! Check it out!

The ‘E’ in REAL represents the word ENJOY and by this I simply mean taking time to breathe and look around to take in the beauty we are surrounded by in this world. I grew up less than five minutes from the shoreline of Lake Michigan and what an incredible gift that I took for granted! Michigan is so unique in so many ways and the great lakes are a glorious example of that. This year I will discipline myself to slow down sometimes to enjoy the journey. Finding the balance between this and taking on more through pursuing some risks will be the ultimate challenge! God will provide; He always does.

The ‘A’ in the word REAL really ties so closely into ENJOY. APPRECIATE. They truly go hand-in-hand, but appreciate more applies to being sure to tell and show my friends, family and neighbors home much I really do appreciate, adore and love them with all of my heart and being.

The ‘L’ in REAL is carrying over from my focus in 2012, which was to LEARN. I always have wide open arms to learning, but prior to now, I was very cautious as to when and how that took place. I needed to first consider every single pro and con. Last year I wanted so badly to learn to knit and in the meantime, I got close with a friend that I will always hold dear! I love you, Denise! She introduced me to a fabulous hobby and I am really thankful for that. This year, I have not yet decided what specifically I want to learn, but all I know is that I am going to be more willing to ENJOY and APPRECIATE opportunities to LEARN when the prospect of RISK approaches me.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Ps. 37:4

My heart desires a REAL 2013!!! Bring it on!


3 thoughts on “REAL

  1. I love this too, dear Amanda! When I saw your word was REAL on FB, I thought: “Aha, four words in one” and I was right! It’s so much fun to see how you and Steve grow and develop as fine persons…and how much fun it is to see Noah grow as well! Thank you for sharing!!

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