REAL (Update)

At the beginning of January this year, I made a commitment to 2013. Not a new year’s resolution, just a commitment to have a REAL year. A quick re-cap; R – RISK, E – ENJOY, A – APPRECIATE, L – LEARN…REAL.  This year I am going to be more willing to ENJOY and APPRECIATE opportunities to LEARN when the prospect of RISK approaches me.

Well, so far so good. I have taken several risks this year and it is only March 1st. Not too bad. We started attending a new church which has led to extreme enthusiasm in immersing myself in God’s word as often as possible and serving on the Preschool Ministry Team! I also decided to follow my heart on something I have been lead to for a long time; opening a “home daycare” or providing in-home care for young children. I also started doing some small projects and social marketing for a small, local business that I love dearly. And lastly, signed up for a group fitness class – something that has always caused me such anxiety!

Valley Family Church. WOW! We started attending the end of November and I will not lie, I was so skeptical. What was weighing me down was all the negative snarky comments regarding the church that I had heard from fellow Christians. Although, when my husband came to me with the idea of attending, I decided to go for it. After all, the status quo has never really been my beat. I will say that the mere fact that we have not missed a certain service since we started attending, we are both serving anxiously in ministry that thrills us, our son asks all week when Sunday is going to come because he is THRILLED to go to church, AND Steve nor I have EVER in our lives felt more alive in our faith; we found our home. We are not an single ounce “less Catholic” and we are growing spiritually everyday as a result of this risk we decided to pursue. For me, serving on the preschool ministry has been so awesome so far. Sharing the love and word of God with children that may or may not get to experience that in their home lives is so rewarding. I have found my passion to serve in the church. The small group intensives offered in the evenings are also fantastic. We get to meet other families and talk about topics such as growing a stronger marriage and raising children to be excited about God. That is what we all want; right? We are so excited about VFC! Did I mention The Valley Girls Arise Conference I am attedning with my mom in April?! Eeeeeek!

In January, I went to Steve with something that has been talking to my heart for so long. I have been quietly entertaining the idea or opening a licensed home daycare OR finding a few children to provide in-home care for out of our home. My friends and family can read the excitement and joy that I get from watching children learn, grow and PLAY. It is something I have really grown to love since having Noah. The passion I have for the importance of providing learning  and exploring opportunities for children is something that I so simply cannot ignore. God speaks so clearly to me on this. After some serious consideration, thought and prayer, God revealed an opportunity to us. As of March 11th, I am going to be providing in-home care for two of my beautiful nieces, ages 3 and 1. Amazing how God brings opportunity to our lives when we are not expecting it. I knew I was not yet ready to give up the flexibility and freedom that Noah and I have had the past 4 years and I knew that getting licensed seemed like a long, drawn out process. After all, since when does the state know what is best for anyone? Lol. (Okay, so I do still have SOME political interest. That will never go away). This, too, was a risk. And of course, there are so many questions, what-ifs and unknown. When approaching these things, I tried so hard – for the first time in my life – to turn off my mind and listen to my heart only. RISK. Embracing opportunity. This is what 2013…and forever is going to look like for me. It has to.

I have been so excited to be working for a great woman and her small, local business; Chocolatea. I am mainly administering to her Facebook page and doing some small projects for her around the shop. It is looking to be a great opportunity to – in a very small way – do something I love for something I love. Tea has become a forever growing part of my heart and life. It is just…peaceful, quiet and awesome in every way!

Group fitness class. Good and evil!! LOL! I have always wanted to participate in one and the terrible thought of a small room and being surrounded in mirrors simply does not appeal to me in the least. Well, a friend was asking for someone to join with her and I took the RISK. I just emailed her and did it. We have only had one class and we both liked it a lot. It is a body blast class, so just all over soreness emerged the day after, but it was so worth it! I am looking forward to going back and signing up for more classes in the future. That moment when you realize you are so out of shape, but that your body won’t fail you, is so encouraging. I have always been an athlete and when I realized a push-up was still possible, I thought that it might not be so bad after all. Lol. Yet.

fire within

Well there you have it. Two months into the year and I am already feeling pretty good about the things I have accomplished. Next up…a Color Run this spring/summer! And who wants to volunteer to teach me to cook? Any takers? Ugh! At this moment I am willing and eager to LEARN, but check with me in five minutes and my phobia and mere hate for being in the kitchen will be back in full swing!


It is shaping up to be a REAL 2013 for me and I am so excited about it. You will notice that all things I listed above are RISKS. Yes, this was a big thing for me. I really needed to strive to overcome my great ability to talk myself out of everything. I did. I think I’m there. As far as the ENJOY and APPRECIATE…my heart is overflowing with graditude as always. I am so thankful for our God, my husband, our son, our beautiful home, our loving and supportive families, our church, and our fantastic playgroup and friends. I appreciate them all so much!! ENJOY? I enjoy everyday and embrace the opportunity and change as much as possible. God has blessed our lives beyond my wildest dreams and for that I am forever thankful. ❤