Whirlwind AHEAD……………

Whew! I am gearing up to face the busiest 3 days of my year. Not only is the Kalamazoo Right to Life Annual Dinner tomorrow evening – the one that we have been preparing for months, but Friday and Saturday I am also attending and setting up to be a vendor at the Valley Family Church – Valley Girls Arise Conference. I just know the next three days are going to be full of so much excitement, anxiety and AWESOMENESS!


I knew that when I started providing full-time care in our home for my two nieces in March, that these three days were quickly on the horizon. As I sit here while all three kids are napping, I decided to reflect a little bit on my blog since it has sure been awhile. First of all, I am sitting in the playroom rocking chair and this room is a disaster. The kids had so much fun this morning and that is reflected in my surroundings. I am sitting on a K’nex piece. They are all over the floor…hundreds of little K’nex pieces, play food, OH…and my favorite, Mr. Potato head. Who ever came up with that toy anyway? A potato with silly faces, after all, is hillarious…….Whoops! There I go with my ADD thinking. I so quickly can get side tracked. Oh, and I’m listening to a Vegie Tales CD skipping in the background. It is riveting. Needless to say, I knew it would be a busy, busy, BUSY couple months.

On top of it all, on April 16th, Steve came home and had been let go from his job. We have talked about it and he said it was okay I shared that. I think it is important people know because you never know who has the ability to offer you a job. It was totally unexpected as he has been a Chemist at that company for over 5 years. Steve is so great, he is exceptional at what he does and the company is at a great loss with this recent decision. A certain positive is that Steve was able to listen to 8-10 hours of motivational and inspirational leaders, bloggers, and successful entrepeneurs on podcasts and audio book while working. So he is packed with knowledge. That is like reading a book a week. I know that with Steve and his forward-thinking, optimistic, and driven personality that he will find a new (and better) opportunity very soon. However, this recent news did certainly cause me some unexpected feelings of confusion in the week leading up to the dinner and conference. God is faithful and he provides to grateful and serving hearts. I know that to be true.

Steve is off, right now, to take his last exam on campus until fall 2013. Three online summer classes and then that final class in the fall and he will graduate this December. Anyone who knows our family, knows how much we have accomplished in these 5 short years; having our sweet Noah, our engagement, our wedding, and buying our first home together as well as many other growing periods, challenges, and changes. We really do make a great team! And meanwhile, my amazing husband has been in the process of completing his degree. I am so proud of him – and what a great role model he is for our son. And in the midst of all of this, still being the greatest father and husband there is. He has not missed a single beat in Noah’s life and he is there for everything. All hands on deck all the time. Good work, Steve. I love you with all of my heart. With your personality, your forward-thinking mindset, and your motivation, I know you will continue to grow, learn and accomplish great things in our lives. I am so honored and excited to be a part of it. ♥

When I took on the girls in March, I had attempted to resign my position at Kalamazoo Right to Life. I had given them some very complicated terms of me staying and to my surprize, they accepted them. God revealed to me that it was not the right time for me to leave KRTL. The pro-life movement to so important to my heart and it is my dire passion. So, all of the sudden, I was then to be working 12 hours a week – from home – as the Office Manager of Kalamazoo Right to Life AND working 50 hours a week from home babysitting my precious, loving nieces. It is a really good thing that I have spent my life mastering the task of multi-tasking. 😉 Since I had set my self up to thinking they would probably not accept my terms of staying, I was a bit shocked when they did; and a little bit overwhelmed. However, we have adjusted. Things are going great and Noah is loving having his cousins here to play with everyday. Working at Kalamazoo Right to Life has been such a blessing for our family and a very humbling experience for me as I have really learned a lot nad I have met many great people. In case you are wondering our purpose – Kalamazoo Right to Life is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization of diverse and caring people united to protect the precious gift of human life from fertilization to natural death. We work to promote pro-life education, legislation and political action. This “job” has changed my life in terms of being something very flexible that would allow me to be a mom first, which is my FIRST priority always. It also has been a great opportunity – in my field of interest – that will prevent me having that “gap in employment” when I do decide to join the “8-5ers” again someday. 🙂

Well, I better check my email. I have a feeling I will have some adjustments to make to the seating chart. We are expecting 325 guests! A SELL OUT! Stay tuned for an update about the conference and the dinner next week…