Blueberries Abound!



Blessed to see another Monday not promised! We had a great time and picked nearly 15 lbs. Picking blueberries in hot weather, Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey, homemade blueberry white chocolate chip cookies, and of course, a blueberry craft this afternoon! What can I say? I like a theme here and there……..

It is blueberry time in Michigan, so my husband and I took Noah and his two cousins, Addison and Alyssa, to pick blueberries this morning. There is something about sweating in a farm field, picking fruit, that helps me to shed the slightest insight and understanding to the unimaginable work and time that goes into growing and farming. It amazes me! These farm families have so much to be proud of! This year we have visited several farms and I am always impressed at the humble and charming personality of the experience. We have had such memorable experiences!

Anyway, the point of this post is to share ideas and to help create a blueberry day for your family! First, go have fun picking blueberries! Let them explore, taste, smell and touch whatever they want. Laugh, have fun, and take your time!



We ate blueberry white chocolate cookies for snack while we were at the farm! YUMMY!


After you go home, have them help with what storing process and explain why you might freeze some, can some, bake with some, etc. Moments like these – AT HOME – are how children learn about real life. Savor and take full advantage of the moment to TEACH your child.

In the afternoon, we did a few “blueberry-themed” activities that took me all of 10 minutes to come up with – gathering all the supplies included. Here it is! I was ready for the afternoon. Things like this do not have to take a lot of time at all.


First, I had an idea to grab some paint color strips from my craft room and I would invite the kids to match real blueberries to the colors to see what color best matched the true color of a blueberry. We then talked a little bit about how green “blueberries” and purple “blueberries” may not yet be ready to pick or eat. So simple, but it engaged a lot of interest and questions. Noah decided the darkest color was the best match (and then he scarfed down his 5 berries…little did he know, I had another project in mind with them!) LOVE.


Second, with a little pinspiration from little page turners, I had another idea in mind for some blueberry fun. We were going to use our real blueberries, dip them in blue paint, stamp them all over a sheet of paper, and then later, I told them we were going to build a basket to hold our “berries”! They loved it and their art turned out precious!


And in the end, we read a classic story about blueberry picking, had a lot of fun, and ate tons of blueberries. I have so much fun every day!

Let me know if you have any questions about this post or any other past posts! It is always my wish that every parent share creative moments in life with their children, so I enjoy sharing ideas! Do you have any fun summer ideas? I’d love to hear! Also, right below is a SHARE button to post my blog link to you FB timeline or Twitter. Would you do that for me?


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