The Small Moments Matter

The small moments matter, just as I need to realize that taking the time to document them on my blog, or where ever, also matters. On Monday, Steve and I took the time to explain to Noah that he no longer has to take a rest time after lunch because of daddy’s new job and him working 2nd shift (not to mention, he will be attending preschool in the afternoon this fall). Steve and I decided, together, that the time Noah has here during the day should be spent with daddy. The look on his face and the excitement he felt was priceless. The moment was so awesome. His smile and facial expression, once he confirmed to us what he had just heard, was something I want to always remember. I have the tendency to want to document every moment such as this. That was a substantial moment in his growth and although may seem small in the long-term, it was absolutely a reason to celebrate with him at that moment because to him it seemed SO BIG.
I will always remember the days that I decided no phone call or text was worth missing the dreams, questions, or tender, silly words of my child. I am so grateful for Noah and the honest and powerful reminder the he represents to grasp the moments that matter because too often, they only come around once.

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