Camping-Themed Playdate



First, just set up a tent in the backyard! They loved this!

IMG_5812 IMG_5814



I got our craft idea for today from Tippytoe Crafts, but I made up my own version…simply using things I had! No brown cardstock? Use popsicle sticks! ! She has many great camping-themed craft ideas! 

IMG_5817 IMG_5808 IMG_5807

These snacks were so easy! Pretzel rods=tasty fire logs (I got this idea from Pinterest, but I cannot find the blog it was linked to). Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and semi-sweet milk chocolate chips – toss it in a basket and you have yourself S’Mores Trail Mix! The trail mix was all me.

There you go! My secret is out! All you need to do is think of a theme and them come up with a fun snack and craft! Easy peasy. The kids will figure the rest out! There is something about being surround be kids, laughter, friends and smiles that makes coming up with these simple themed ideas so worth while. Enjoy and, as always, feel free to post with questions!


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