Pass or fail?


I found this picture today during my mini blog-browsing session while the kids napped and I couldn’t help but stare at it – for a LONG time. First off, this young boy is SO cute! There are many reasons that I believe this statement to be true, but my intention is not to elaborate on that today. Experiences and observations of real life situations, dating back far before Noah was born, have led me to believe and understand the intended truth described here. I understand some may disagree and, of course, this is also not true of all students or all situations. But for some, it surly is! I was not one of the students described here. However, I have a special place in my heart for those that are/were. I simply wanted to share it and save it, with plans of revisiting it in the near future.

We are looking forward to spending 4 days camping in the woods in Indiana. I plan to spend every moment answering questions about the natural world for our son. “Why do some bugs have wings and some do not?” I love that one of my most clearly-defined memories of middle school is that of my leaf project from Mr. Walberg’s science class. We had to spend weeks out in the woods, on our oun time, collecting leaves from roughly 50 different tree types. I can still identify almost every tree and leaf found in Michigan today. I have learned most of what has and will contribute to my happiness…outdoors! Camping with the family is going to be awesome this weekend and we are blessed with a fantastic weather forecast, too!

Untill next time! What do you love most about camping or being outdoors?


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