Snowball Update

Noah is really loving his bunny so much! I am so thankful we decided to get the bunny when getting a dog was on our mind! Tonight I asked him if he was glad we found that little guy the day we did and he said, “Yeah. I wish we could have brought 3 bunnies home though.” I asked him why – thinking a little chat about being thankful for what we had may be in order – and then he said, “I really wanted a whole family of bunnies.” Melt my heart! I really adore the simple complexity of his thoughts! In his mind, a family is 3 people. The family across the street has two little girls and he always asks the one that he sees the most often why her cousin is always there. Ha! The bunny is so tolerant and gentle with the kids. He follows Noah around, lets him handle him, snuggle him and even READ TO HIM! The bunny sits and listens. Noah thinks it is because he has big ears. 🙂 A day in the life…



3 thoughts on “Snowball Update

  1. I love this, he is such a caring loving young boy. He is so Proud of that bunny what a great addition to the family. 🙂 ❤

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