Another Moment…Another Memory…Another Milestone…

Another Moment…Another Memory…Another Milestone…Noah found out when we got to my parents house on Saturday that Harmony had learned to ride her bike without training wheels! He then told Steve he wanted to try it. Noah has had a balance bike and been very good on it since he was 2. Steve and I bought it for him for his 2nd birthday. I remember thinking Steve was crazy when he suggested it. I sat and watched MANY youtube videos trying to validate Steve’s point. Lol. Well, I think the balance bike paid off! This was his first try…our 4-year-old can ride a bike!!! This morning, he is riding a big bike all over the place and starting and stopping with no falls yet. Proud mommy and daddy here! Steve can’t wait to take him on the mountain bike trails! Soon enough! Don’t mind me cheerleading him on…I always will be!! If your parents won’t encourage you and be your cheerleaders as you go through life; who will? My parents always did and I know that is why I have the confidence I do today. How do children grow so fast?! This is a pretty big deal and another big step for our little guy in his little world. We will always celebrate what seems like a small moment in a very BIG way! Watch here! I am so glad I didn’t miss this!


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