Hi. I am Amanda Rice. I have a confession to make that may not be completely obvious; it really depends how well you know me. I have a tendency of quickly making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, and externally or verbally expressing my concerns with very little thought invested. This only happens when you offend or question something that is incredibly close to my heart. I am actually quite scary when I come “unglued”. Although it does not happen often, it happens. Here it goes.

According to Lysa TerKeurst’s “Unglued”, it turns out I am an external processor and an external expresser. There is a positive side to this; my honesty. This meant nothing to me until I realized what I wasn’t. The flip side? A suppressor. A suppressor has a peacemaking ability I both adore and admire. I am sure you can guess the Godly way of handling these raw emotions whether or not you are a Christian. They exercise the ability to be quit and think things through. However, I suppress nothing; I always find a way to release my thoughts. I am very blunt and to the point and I have never found much sense in “sugar-coating” my thoughts. I never have. All who know me past and present know my thoughtless quickness and ability to share my opinions. I thought this was okay until recently. Turns out that a thought immediately being released from your mouth is less than ideal. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. With this being said, I have gotten A LOT better with a lot of time and prayer. I have come to understand God’s grace and wisdom, but I still have a long way to come.

Occasionally, becoming “unglued” for me begins with labels. People label people. Women label women. Moms label moms. And family even labels family. Hard to believe, I know. TerKeurst talked about labels and this really sums it up nicely, “Labels start out as little threads of self-dissatisfaction but ultimately weave together into a straight jacket of self-condemnation.” For me, however, it is fighting of labels that I haven’t even necessarily been given. In the past, I have been good at assuming the thoughts of others. You will probably know if you have fallen victim to such an instance in our relationship. I’m so sorry. I then attack that assumption like a tiger. LIKE. A. TIGER. Steam coming out of my ears, face red, and blood pressure elevated to a point near combustion! I have learned recently that oftentimes, these are labels that I have given myself. They get locked into my heart and I don’t even realize they are there. For example, I am too quick to assume. I have now defined this assumption as a lie. Although this may have been true, the point is that labels only remain if we let them!! Isn’t that great news? I thought so! I have prayed and prayed for God to work on me, work on my heart. Reading more of this book today was the answer I was seeking. The book addresses three ways to battle off the labels that really helped me work through this. The short answer? GRACE. I call it grace. God is awesome.


When it comes to being a woman and rating my life, I have a long way to come. I fall short often and there are many thing I am not good at. I am short-tempered and will defend someone I love before even knowing the story. I am a work in progress as we all are. I believe strongly that personal growth begins when you are willing to identify your weaknesses and faults. Confessing to the ones you love. We all know I love my “labeler” when it comes to order in my daily life, but the madness has to stop somewhere. I can’t stick adhesive labels on my heart. There is a so much power in just getting started. So, get started. Release yourself of those expectations and labels today. Right now. Start. Right. NOW. I have.

**This post was inspired by a wonderful woman, leader, and mother, Lysa TerKeurst. I am inspired daily by her blog posts, books, and Proverbs 31 daily devos. The ideas are not my own, but the heart-felt response surely is. That is 100% raw emotion. ❤


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