Tonight at the parent meeting for Noah’s class, all parents were asked to describe their children with one word. I defined Noah as “curious”, which describes him to a T as with many others. He confirmed that on the way home from picking him up at grandma’s with an entire astronomy test!


Among the questions I entertained were:

“Hey mom, are stars hot?”
“How do ROCKETS EVEN FLY THROUGH STARS?!” (this one was said with tons of excitement…and I replied suggesting that maybe they fly around stars??)
“Is the brightest star in the sky yellow? And where is it at?” (he asked this one with his head out his window of the car)
“Is the north pole near the brightest star? Who lives at the north pole? I think Santa does.”
“What is inside earth? Are we inside it?”

WOW! I asked him if he talked about the planets, stars or space at grandma’s house tonight and he replied, “No. We just baked ‘B’ for banana bread and next Wednesday we are baking chocolate chip cookies (with 3 C’s).” Oh. Okay! Needless to say, Noah is normally in bed by 8:00, but since I picked him up late and he was so curious on this clear, star-y evening – I let him stay up an extra 20 minutes and we sat in the front yard grass tracing the big dipper with our finger-tip. I never let a teachable moment like this get “rushed” away. Ever.IMG_7086

He makes me so proud every day. His heart is pure and his imagination never quits! Seriously, does KVCC offer astronomy 101 because I am convinced Noah would fit in just fine!?


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