Getting a Grip

I began the process of praying about some things on my heart a few months ago and tonight I began that journey. I decided to sign up for Getting a Grip on the Basics 101 at church; a class taught by our Pastor Beth Jones. I already feel God moving my heart and getting me equipped and confident in sharing His word with people around me. I cannot tell you the number of times I have made an attempt, when a friend or family member is in desperate need of encouraging word from Him, that I have miserably fallen short. I start witnessing and I almost always fall short or find myself dodging important, faith-building questions. I lose confidence or I feel unsure. I don’t feel equipped to answer all questions about the Christian faith. I am now convinced and I really understand WHY I have always felt this way!! Revelation #1 of many to come I am quite sure!

I have known about God my whole life. I started learning the bible basics, became confirmed and baptized when I was 13 at a Methodist church because I wanted to. My parents always talked about God when turmoil and adversity where at an all-time high, and young, disappointed hearts needed mending. I knew early on that God was someone I could talk to and someone that would always listen. I knew to listen for God to speak to me. In fact, at one point I thought I heard God tell me that I would be a powerful, successful and connected political woman who would never get married or have any children. I thought God told me that! I went to college and worked very hard to earn my BA in Political Science from WMU. I am thankful for what I learned while at WMU and I know a 4-year college degree will serve me well in the future. We all know where this story ends up and BOY WAS I WRONG! That was my plan, my plan indeed! It turns out God had another plan for my life. A miraculous, awesome and wonderful plan!

In November 2010, I was married in the Catholic Church my husband grew up attending. We attend that Catholic Church until November 2012 and I actully went to a class and became confirmed in the Catholic Church during that time as well. Until that point, I have known about God. In fact, I felt like I knew a lot about God. I did not begin my journey of knowing God and growing a real, living relationship with him until November 2012 when we decided to begin attending Valley Family Church. That is when the REAL relationship began.

Tonight was my first class and I am already feeling the Spirit move me in so many ways. I am so thankful for my husband who is supportive and has encouraged me to take this class. He, too, wants to take it when it is offered next time around. I am thankful for our Pastors and for Pastor Beth Jones for delivering this material in such a practical and understandable way! Wow! Sometimes, I feel God whisper to my heart and other times I hear Him shout. Tonight, He was shouting. To. Be. Continued.


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