Desire Boldness Scarves has LAUNCHED!

Hi Friends! I am always on a new and creative adventure of some sort. I see beauty in really simple things. Rocks, for example. I could sit near a pile of gravel for hours looking for “pretty rocks” and be totally content. What then happens next in my mind is, “Well, what could I do with these pretty rocks? How could I use them in a creative way to make something beautiful.” Rocks. Yes, that simple. Everything in my life works this way. Everything I pick up has tons of potential (hence the reason I literally wanted to physically SQUEEL at the top of my lungs when I walked into our new Hobby Lobby in town). My creative mind automatically switches to overhaul and I get so excited! This can be both good and bad, but mostly I like my ability to turn rocks into something awesome. This leads me into Desire Boldness Scarves and where the idea even came from.

I have had a piece of fabric in my craft room for over a years that was absolutely intended to try my attempt at making an infinity scarf one day. So I picked it up, taught myself how to make an infinity-style scarf; and decided that I wanted everyone I know to have one, too!! I mentioned on my personal facebook page earlier in the week that I was going to be launching something exciting by the end of the week. Well, here we are! I am SO excited to announce, launch and share my most recent initiative, Desire Boldness Scarves! Desire Boldness Scarves is my attempt to encourage woman to be bold through providing a little creativity to personal style at an affordable price. These infinity-style scarves will be priced at $20. I am SO excited about this, friends! PLEASE help me get started by simply giving me a ‘like’, sharing my facebook page and visiting my new website (this is not yet setup, but I am working on it)! I cannot wait to work and accommodate so many different styles, personalities and tastes! So far, I have released two designs. Take a look! I sold and shipped my first scarf on Etsy yesterday! I’m looking forward to this.

IMG_7358 SCARF EDIT 2 l IMG_7326 IMG_7328 IMG_7324

Something else interesting is that I am not trendy. We don’t have money for me to be trendy and buy full-price clothing…ever. I am okay with that because I spend most of my days in the same pair of yoga pants and a jersey-knit t from Old Navy (which reminds me, I need a new t or 5 because most of mine are stained). I’m okay with that. I’m happy in my day-to-day clothes and I’m making no effort to meet the status quo in the fashion world which I am sure is no shock to anyone who knows me. What appeals to me about these scarves? They totally have the potential to DRESS UP my daily attire. Jeans and a solid t can become something creative, festive and fun by wrapping this scarf around your neck! Something this SIMPLE appeals to me so I thought it might also appeal to the company I keep. We will see!


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