11/6/13 – Four Years and Counting…

Four years ago on November 6th, I was prayerfully considering how the rest of our lives would play out. I was looking around at the 200-some people who were part of our special day and thinking about how each of them played an instrumental part of our lives in that season. Four years ago today, I married the BEST friend a girl could ever ask for. I married my soul mate. What we started on November 6, 2009 was something that is growing beyond my wildest imaginings. We have faced some challenges and I am gratified for each one of them because it has allowed us to fine tune what has grown to be a spiritually full and exceptionally healthy marriage! So far, we have beaten all odds together and we have overcome the doubts that so many may have had about where our lives would go since 2008. Is it not totally evident that God was on board the whole time? That HE held the blueprint?! It was He who set us in motion and it was He who brought us together to meet in 2005. I am thankful everyday for the plan that God held for our lives. We have been and continue to have our lives blessed more than I could have ever dreamt. Happy 4th Anniversary, Steve! You are our rock and a great illustration to our family of what Godly love looks like.
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