4 looked good on Noah…

As I sit and reflect on the year of Noah being 4, I am brought to tears with absolute joy and pride. I could not be more proud of the little boy we are raising. However, I cannot help but face the reality that I just tucked my little 4-year-old into bed for the very last time because he will wake up and be…FIVE!!! There will be a lot of pictures in this post and honestly, I cannot be more thrilled that I feel inclined to catch every moment in pictures. That way, I will then be sure to remember every single important detail of FOUR…forever!

Sometimes in life, there are moments that confirm your heart was right. Today was that day for me. A few years ago, at the Family Expo, our family ran into a great woman when we were searching for preschools for Noah. We kind of knew what w…e were looking for, kind of thought we knew what kind of “curriculum” we were seeking, and kind of knew what environment would be the best fit for Noah. Actually, there is a good chance that we knew a bit TOO MUCH about what we wanted that we perhaps approached our search with a closed and narrow mind. Then, we came across the PCCN Preschool table/booth – where we met Mrs. Kreg. I knew instantly. Well, I knew nothing…it was my HEART that knew instantly. Over the past 2 years, Noah has attended PCCN and been an active part of the summer camps they offer to the kiddos. Mrs. Kreg is one of those women who obviously followed her dreams and chased her heart’s true passion. She loves her work and it is so obvious. She loves her kiddos and she loves the families they come from. Today was Noah’s last “special day” at PCCN, where they take a day of the school year to celebrate each child and what makes them special. His friends get to ask him questions and my far was the question that came from his friend Riley, “What are your favorite shoes?” Lol. Through tears, Mrs. Kreg shared that what she thought makes Noah special is that he makes her a better person – keeping her always wanting to learn. Noah asks a lot of questions, questions that most adults aren’t even sure of the answer. My answer, through tears, was the same as last year – I love his curious spirit and love for learning. Noah loves information – facts – answers. He is a TRUTH seeker. I will say that for ANY parent looking for a very special and unique-in-every-way preschool program, PCCN is where you need to begin your hunt! Regardless of the direction you will go with your child’s education after preschool, PCCN is a great starting point. We love you, Mrs. Kreg! We love your heart and who you are as a person – your family, your values, and your faith. I look up to you as a mentor. You are a true gem and Noah will forever remember the experiences he has had at PCCN! I’m a little emotional that my little baby is turning 5! (Sorry, when my heart overflows…it just overflows!)
IMG_0169 IMG_0165
On the 25th, we had Noah’s big annual birthday party. I am sure people wonder why the big birthday fuss? Why such a big party every year? Won’t he have expectations? No. He won’t. And besides, in case you may have not noticed, I like to celebrate everything! Earth Day? Valentine’s Day? President’s Day? EVERY DAY! I am a theme gal so, yes, we will ALWAYS celebrate the day of our son’s birth IN A VERY BIG WAY! ❤ Here are a few pictures from his fun sledding party! It was so much fun and the snowman cupcakes and hot cocoa bar were a big hit.
IMG_0009IMG_9952IMG_0042NOAH IS 5!IMG_9982IMG_0082 IMG_0066
Noah’s birthday present from Steve and I this year is a special family trip. We leave tomorrow morning for Grand Rapids to visits a hotel/indoor water park and to visit the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. Noah has never been to a hotel and he is very excited for this special trip. Mommy and daddy are equally as excited to get away for the weekend! 🙂
IMG_0068 IMG_0077

I am going to share twelve photos reflecting on the past 12 months. I hope you enjoy them as much as my heart does. The memories we have made the past year have been priceless and I would not trade any moment we have shared – for anything.

January 2013 – Dr. Seuss 4th Birthday Party Day!


February 2013 – A winter family walk at Bishops Bog in Portage.


March 2013 – Celebrating St. Patty’s Day with cousin, Harmony!


April 2013 – Climbing a tree at Al Sabo!


May 2013 – Kayaking on West Lake!


June 2013 – A walk at the Kalamazoo Nature Center


July 2013 – Noah first pet…Snowball!


August 2013 – Our Trip to the Mizikar Family Reunion to Pennsylvania!


September 2013 – Picking blueberries!


October 2013 – Our little geographer seeking answers to a few questions!


November 2013 – Leaf Jumping!

Noah Fall 2013

December 2013 – Riding the Holly Jolly Trolley


January 2014 – Sledding Birthday Party Day!


Happy 5th birthday my sweet, silly, kind-hearted boy! As I read Dr. Seuss’ ‘Oh, The Places You Will Go’ to him this evening, I cried almost the whole way through it. I let him stay up a little bit later feeling like that would maybe let me hold onto 4 for just a few minutes longer. The fact is – he is growing up. He is growing to make us so proud and we cannot wait to see the world-changer he will become someday.  He is kind, curious, generous, silly, and willing to take the lead. He is strong-willed and I love that about him, but he also has a gentle (and perhaps a bit more laid back than mommy…) spirit like his daddy. He is simply great and I have enjoyed every moment since his birth – even the hard moments. But the fact is, there have not been many. Our little guy has challenged us more with questions about space, science, and the world around him than he has ever challenged us with his behavior. He is good. He is great and we are SO looking forward to a full weekend of snuggling, laughter, and celebration!