Getting Started!

Complied here is less than half of our homeschool materials that I started to gather, separate, and organize today. Not pictured is the literature collection that corresponds with each of the 27 units, as well as our other full/separate reading curriculum. Today I got the “student pages” separated into 27 labeled files and I now will begin to collect any items to use for supplemental purposes. I love that this curriculum is hands-on. It provides children a wealth of knowledge about God’s love and His character and how that relates to life now. We get to explore fun, thematic science units interwoven with Biblical concepts and truth – all while exploring God’s Creation in nature. We want Noah’s “formal education” to begin with a firm foundation in God’s Word, so we will be starting our focus on Creation from Genesis. This is going to be fascinating! Noah was helping organize things today and he is equally as excited; “Can we begin tomorrow?” Lol, soon. VERY soon.

God continues to bless the direction we are headed with the decision we have made to homeschool (Read past posts regarding our journey HERE and HERE). I want to take time to thank our friends and family who have been continually supportive as we make these important decisions for our family. There is a wealth of information, support, and resources available to homeschooling families out there and we are thankful to all who provided us guidance and heartfelt suggestions. It has been so great to have you to celebrate these exciting beginnings with us. We love you all!




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