Creation Unit was AWESOME…God is SO good!

We decided, as a family, a few fun tradition we would have with the start of each new “grade” for Noah. Chocolate chip pancakes the morning of the first day, followed up by a trip to shop for his “first day” outfit – new pajamas! One noteworthy perk of homeschooling? Noah doesn’t know about trendy name brands and the urgent necessity of them to fit in. I remember the horror of never fitting in and times certainly have not changed for the better in that realm. We are so excited about these things.

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The first two weeks of our curriculum work focused on the Creation story from Genesis, and will be followed by 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units that focus on the wonders in God’s creation. The sun, moon, rocks, vegetables, elephants, butterflies, and dinosaurs are just a few of the exciting topics we will explore. We had so much fun learning about Creation from God’s Word. The bible will be the primary reference book used in our homeschool. It is our map, our guide, and our hope. I do not plan to blog about every unit and nor will I be sharing nearly as many photos as I have before on facebook, simply because we are busy exploring God’s world – and that takes up most of our time.

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Day 1 – Dark and Light – We didn’t do a special snack for this day, because we were too busy hands-on-learning (ie. playing in the bathroom with a flashlight). We talked a lot about what this world would be like without day and night or dark and light.


Day 2 – Clouds and Oceans – On this day we talked a lot about Noah’s favorite – WEATHER! The different types of clouds we discussed were cumulus, cirrus, stratus and nimbus. We also talked about water and how everything living needs it to survive. How clouds and water relate, the water cycle, and evaporation were major topics of discussion. Oh, and the main point? God is an AMAZINGLY creative scientist!


Day 3 – Land, Plants, and Trees – We made a worm farm from “land”, identified wild flower in the wood, and found an oak leaf bigger than Noah’s face!

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Day 4 – Sun, Moon, and Stars – Day 4 was probably Noah’s fav. Noah has loved space, planets, stars, the moon and sun since he was so small. All of these topics are ones we will continue to explore as time goes on because they are areas of extreme interest to Noah. He has a BLAST at the Air Zoo Sumer Camp called “Our Star” learning so much about the sun! The Air Zoo is going to be a fabulous resource for our family in the months to come!


Day 5 – Animals of the Sea and Animals of the Sky – Dolphin bananas jumping from a sea of blueberries? Only here!! We are going to have tons of fun with our themed units! We spent a lot of time outside observing birds, feeding the ducks, and talking about the wonderful world to discover – the seas! A little spelling with letter cookies, too! So much fun!

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Day 6 – Man and Animals – We talked a lot about how we are all unique; beautifully and wonderfully made in His image! We plan to see LOTS of animals this summer as our future unit studies coincide.


Day 7 – God Rested – And so did we. 🙂


After the first 2 weeks of homeschooling, we are confirmed. God has absolutely called our family here and there is no denying it. Christ has given our family an amazing opportunity with homeschooling and we are ecstatic! Our curriculum is a great fit! If you have any interest in following our homeschool journey, please consider following my blog. As previously stated, time to update fb regularly will be limited and if I do post, it will be here to collect the memories in more of a journal format.

We don’t have it all together. Not even close. Our floors go weeks and weeks with dusty tumbleweeds. We rely on God’s grace everyday and that in itself is a “homeschooling lesson” for Noah to learn. We are just working everyday, with God’s grace, strength, and wisdom to “raise up our child in the way he should go, that when he grows old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 Well, we are off and running! Off to explore more of God’s world that surrounds us!



To My Mom…


This is a tribute to my mom tonight. She drives from Middleville the 2nd Wednesday of every month to be with Noah while I attend a small group for church (while Steve is working). This is a photo of what I walked in to – Noah and grandma on “an adventure”. These “adventures” I know for certain, Noah will carry as a fine memory for many years to come because the moments are fun. He loves these adventures with grandma. They “shuttle off to different planets and tonight there was a tickle monster on Pluto.” I can hear his imagination grow with every “adventure.” It is such a joy to watch. Sheer laughter and delight when I came home tonight. Grandma took Noah for a bike ride and they got lost – literally, lost (I know beacue I inherited that sense of direction). Noah got them home a different way than they came saying “don’t worry grandma, I know a short cut. I have never done this without mom and dad, but I can find the way” Noah shared with delight (several times) our garden and our homeschool room. He toured grandma around the yard telling her about every plant and its progress. He showed her every detail about our homeschool days and even played for her the song we listen to when each day begins. She said he was so proud and excited to show her these things. You see, everything here has a common denominator – God, love, family, and fun. It is great hearing that he shared these things with grandma from his heart and that he confidently led the way back home from their bike ride. I love his fearless heart after God and his humble leadership. Mom, thank you.The legacy you are creating is impacting every generation to come in our family. Keep loving like Jesus did; he sees all that you do. Thank for coming to be with Noah tonight. I appreciate you – from the bottom of my heart.


Tomorrow…our journey begins!

June 4, 2014

To our Dearest Noah,

Good morning sweet boy. As you know, today is the beginning of an exciting new day in our home as we embark on a new adventure that God has called our family to – HOMESCHOOLING! As of today, you are a Kindergartener! Congratulations, sweetie! God has big plans for you and mommy and daddy are so excited to watch you grow! We know that preparing for this day came with many decisions, research, conversation, question, PRAYER and finally, confirmation and the beginning of something AWESOME!

Every homeschooling family does it differently and we need to thank our Almighty God for that freedom we hold dear to in our great country! As we begin to meet other homeschool families, you may notice that they do things different from us and that is AWESOME!! Let me tell you why. That means that their mommy and daddy have prayed, followed God’s lead and plan for their family, and that they are all beautifully and wonderfully made! Just like you! We are all unique and God created us all in HIS image to honor HIS kingdom, for HIS glory!

Mommy loved hearing from you the past few weeks about what YOU think our homeschool will be like. When I asked you where you go to learn new things, you responded with, “Home. I go home. I learn sometimes too at the Nature Center, the waterpark, parks, museums, all of our libraries, Air Zoo, and the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.”  Every one of the answers you gave points to the mere fact that you THINK LEARNING IS FUN! Yey! It is! Mommy also asked what one new thing you want to learn about is. I love that you said, “I want to learn how to sew and build a huge tower with wood.” I also asked what you like to do and you responded with, “Learn. I love to learn. I like climbing, taking care of Chance and Snowball, building airplanes with my legos, water, legos, looking for treasures, picking up pinecones, being home and painting things.” “Picking food from our garden and seeing and feeling the weather” were two things you mentioned looking forward to in the coming weeks of our homeschool. And lastly, mommy asked you why you think our family has taken this route for you education; “You and daddy are obeying God. You are my best friend.” “You are my best friend.” YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!!! You are. I love spending time with you, embracing the short time you are little, and taking all the time in the world to provide you with every teachable moment that you deserve. Buddy, mommy and daddy are keeping record of your vision for our family’s homeschool. We love your ideas and your thoughts are so important to us.

We are SO proud of the little boy you are, Noah. Keep shining, continue to honor God in all that you do, and always know that being YOU will always bring you the most happiness. Romans 12:2 says, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Always be YOU.

Well, enjoy your sprinkle pancakes! Happy 1st day of Kindergarten! We are so proud of you and SO excited! We cannot wait to explore OUR FATHER’S WORLD WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! J

All Our Love!

Mommy and Daddy


Meanwhile, mommy is realizing that our “homeschool room” looks a lot like our playroom (with a few new additions and changes). Probably because it is the same room we have spent Noah’s childhood playing, exploring, learning, and growing in. Amazing how that goes hand in hand!

I took a few pictures tonight because tomorrow is our “first day.” I want to remember tonight – and how it feels to be running after God’s calling on our family. I want to, when looking back, remember what it feels like to have God’s absolute embrace, confirmation and grace surround us like a shield. It is incredible and this adventure is beginning!


Sleep tight sweet boy! You were right in that “tomorrow is a new adventure!!!!!”

Our hymn;
“This Is My Father’s World” (and is it ever HIS!)


“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 NKJV