To My Mom…


This is a tribute to my mom tonight. She drives from Middleville the 2nd Wednesday of every month to be with Noah while I attend a small group for church (while Steve is working). This is a photo of what I walked in to – Noah and grandma on “an adventure”. These “adventures” I know for certain, Noah will carry as a fine memory for many years to come because the moments are fun. He loves these adventures with grandma. They “shuttle off to different planets and tonight there was a tickle monster on Pluto.” I can hear his imagination grow with every “adventure.” It is such a joy to watch. Sheer laughter and delight when I came home tonight. Grandma took Noah for a bike ride and they got lost – literally, lost (I know beacue I inherited that sense of direction). Noah got them home a different way than they came saying “don’t worry grandma, I know a short cut. I have never done this without mom and dad, but I can find the way” Noah shared with delight (several times) our garden and our homeschool room. He toured grandma around the yard telling her about every plant and its progress. He showed her every detail about our homeschool days and even played for her the song we listen to when each day begins. She said he was so proud and excited to show her these things. You see, everything here has a common denominator – God, love, family, and fun. It is great hearing that he shared these things with grandma from his heart and that he confidently led the way back home from their bike ride. I love his fearless heart after God and his humble leadership. Mom, thank you.The legacy you are creating is impacting every generation to come in our family. Keep loving like Jesus did; he sees all that you do. Thank for coming to be with Noah tonight. I appreciate you – from the bottom of my heart.



One thought on “To My Mom…

  1. I love him so much and look so forward to witnessing the wonderful journey that is yet to come. So Proud of you and Steve, what fabulous parents you are. God has Blessed you in so many ways. 🙂 ❤

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