Cuppa Strength

1.a cup of tea:
“a good strong cuppa”

I love tea. I love more the analogy of the cup. God gives overflowing opportunity – if we will just see it.

When I think of strength, I think of one who goes against the grain, swims against the current, trailblazes against the norms of society. And it gets me really excited. This kind of strength ignites a fire inside my soul. I read the words below this evening and was inspired to share because this is a beautifully painted canvas of strength. I decided to start recording some of my thoughts again in a blog format.

I started blogging a number of years ago and looking back, it is so encouraging to measure our growth. It is rewarding to look back and know the direction we are going. There is no doubt the plans the Lord has for us are good. Very, very good.

More to come. Welcome.

“Sitting here in the quiet, making out this week’s lesson plan, contemplating what exactly this all means to me and what a beautiful privilege this is.

Bits of my heart really started to emerge when I made the decision to homeschool our children. When I said no to the majority. When I discarded the critics and quieted the ‘what if’s’ and committed to doing something big and beautiful and against the grain because I believed it was valuable and necessary.

I started to really hear my own voice, value my own opinions, and this began the start of a boldness that had never existed in me before. It was simply that one step toward the path less traveled that opened up a whole world of possibility. It’s a boldness that’s shown us that we needn’t worry ourselves with what the world says is ‘normal’. We need only quiet the world long enough to LISTEN to our souls and then go, strong in the direction that we’re called.

It’s the most beautiful privilege teaching them. And the better lessons are not found in the math book pages or in the midst of our science experiments.

I have confidence in knowing that we’ll look back at this journey and recognize, above so many other things, that real wisdom is found when we can just listen intently enough to hear our own voices, when we can be still enough to really get to know our innermost selves, when we can start to really discover those precious little bits that God instilled deep within us when He knit us all together… and when we make the decision to live based on what we hear, discover, and unearth in those quiet moments.

Homeschooling, for me, is so much more than academics. The most beautiful life lessons are intertwined in these plans.”

(Beautiful words by sweet soul Jamie Wolma ) #wildandfreemama #wildandfreechildren