Another Bucket List Item Done, CHECK!

Sew…what is your cup of tea? Coordinating is mine! I made this today to hang in my craft room with inspiration from Fresh Lemons. However, I did not use scrapbook paper. I used fabric. 🙂


A Special Spot in my Heart…

This 4th of July, I found myself reflecting on something; a past project of mine. I think about it often, actually, because it clearly had a significant impact on my heart.


In the fall of 2010, I put together a red, white, and blue quilt for a young boy named Jack, who had a terminal illness. He is from the UK and had misplaced his favorite “patriotic” quilt. I was asked by Give Kids The World Village, an organization that helps give dream vacations to kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families, to make my best attempt at replicating this precious possession of Jack’s. I felt so honored to help this little boy and his family find comfort and I still find myself wondering and thinking about him to this day. The only photo they had to provide me for reference was the one pictured (with Jack) at the very bottom of this post. ♥ Every 3 1/2 inch square of the quilt was cut and every stitch was sewn with my love for children. ♥


I have included some pictures to share.


Sometimes in life, it really does not matter how busy we are. It is not always I…ME…WE…MY…This little boy deserved this and GOD brought this project to me. It is important to me, in my life, to always make my best effort at doing things for others. At the end of every week, I ask myself, “What did I do to help someone out this week? How could I have done better?” Think about the people who mean the most to you in this life, or maybe even a total stranger! Who could use a hug, a friend to help, a hot tea or maybe some cookies? Pay it forward. Pay it forward. Pay it forward. In November of 2010, we bought our first house and became every bit of “busy” that comes along with that. Regardless, I can take time to SERVE. I am so glad I had the opportunity to do this for him and that project, quilt and sweet boy will remain in my heart forever. ♥

Yarn Storage In The Making…

Less than a year ago, a friend taught me how to knit. All of the sudden, I have a lot of yarn over-flowing a bin. Time to get serious about organizing this! Here is my best, frugal attempt at yarn storage with a modified version of an idea from crochetme. All you will need is oatmeal containers (or coffee), fabric, and a hot glue gun. The fabric cut for the small standard oatmeal container for me was 14 in. x 7 in.

Any hot glue gun will work…

I simply put three dots of hot glue in a line along the seam of the container and pressed my fabric flat against it. Hold until it dries. Then, fold your fabric tightly around the container and, again, 3 dots of hot glue, place fabric onto glue and hold to dry (only a few seconds). Hello, organization!

This is a picture from a few feet back. It measures that I will be able to fit 8 containers underneath each side of my shelf. The beauty; there is plenty of room underneath that will allow me for more oatmeal storage contains if yarn becomes as much of a “problem” (or collection 😉 for me as fabric has. You can be the judge.

I love it! Wa-la! Frugal, fancy and just super cute all around! Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!