Getting Started!

Complied here is less than half of our homeschool materials that I started to gather, separate, and organize today. Not pictured is the literature collection that corresponds with each of the 27 units, as well as our other full/separate reading curriculum. Today I got the “student pages” separated into 27 labeled files and I now will begin to collect any items to use for supplemental purposes. I love that this curriculum is hands-on. It provides children a wealth of knowledge about God’s love and His character and how that relates to life now. We get to explore fun, thematic science units interwoven with Biblical concepts and truth – all while exploring God’s Creation in nature. We want Noah’s “formal education” to begin with a firm foundation in God’s Word, so we will be starting our focus on Creation from Genesis. This is going to be fascinating! Noah was helping organize things today and he is equally as excited; “Can we begin tomorrow?” Lol, soon. VERY soon.

God continues to bless the direction we are headed with the decision we have made to homeschool (Read past posts regarding our journey HERE and HERE). I want to take time to thank our friends and family who have been continually supportive as we make these important decisions for our family. There is a wealth of information, support, and resources available to homeschooling families out there and we are thankful to all who provided us guidance and heartfelt suggestions. It has been so great to have you to celebrate these exciting beginnings with us. We love you all!





This morning, we took a deeper look into that ever-so-pesky-to-adults but absolutely beautiful-in-the-eyes-of-children plant that begins to appear in the spring-time – DANDELIONS. We did some painting play (color blending as we only started with yellow and blue and we made green) and we also read Dandelion by Don Freeman. This “learning” took little planning and gathering on my end and now Noah is more excited than ever to see the little pesky yellow weeds pop up and beautify the world around him. Happy Spring!






Lemonade Playdoh!

Good evening, readers! I was in a really summery mood this afternoon while the kids were resting/napping and I decided to get creative!

First of all, I have something to share. There is always a reason for everything I do. This morning I was reading a chapter in The Happiness Project and I read something so true about myself when I give it thought; [what you find fun and what contributes largely to your happiness] can be answered so easliy, at least for me. “What did you like to do when you were a child? What you enjoyed as a ten-year-old is probably something you’d enjoy now.” WOW! This statement hits the nail RIGHT on the head! When I sit and consider my answer to that question, I can’t help but giggle! My life growing up was commonplace for crafting (I used to get boxes of supplies for Christmas gifts…Santa knew me too well), “playing school”, organizing my friend’s barbie clothes, cutting things I wanted to remember out of magazines (and saving them in organized binders), and taping newspaper articles all over my bedroom wall (ones that in later years always had political interests all over them). As Gretchen Rubin put it so nicely, “Having some kind of physical way of preserving information keeps good ideas vivid and creates unexpected juxtapositions.” And order. It keeps them in order. This is me!

Why do I tell this story in a DIY Lemonade Playdoh post you might ask?! Because this idea came to mind when I was flipping through an old binder (of magazing clippings) and I saw a lemon. Yep, a lemon…in a magazine picture! Next thought in my mind….my “was-going-to-be a relaxing afternoon while the kids rest” turned into a big kitchen mess! There I was, headed up the stairs to feed my love for creativity…making LEMONADE PLAYDOH! So here is your DIY tutorial complete with photos. Common’…every child needs to see, touch and smell Lemonade Playdoh!


Here is everything you will need (oh, an a large sauce pan). Can you tell I am a baker with all my matching baking accessories (HA!)? Not.

Combine in a large saucepan:

1C all purpose flour

1/4 C salt (regular salt…make a mistake and use sea salt and you will have yourself a very BUMPY sensory expierence)

1 t cream of tarter

Add and whisk until smooth:

1 C water

1 T oil (I use canola, but I am sure any would be fine)

Yellow food coloring

Cook over medium heat until it is almost set. Stir until it playdoh forms into a ball. Remove from heat and knead when cool. ( You will need to store it in an airtight plastic container or plastice bag.


But first, ADD GLITTER (Joanns is where the large container came from) and Lemon Essential Oil (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)! This is what makes it summery, fun, and lemonade-ish!


Here is what your finished product will look like! Summer fun…just like THAT!


Now, package some up and go deliver it to all the neighbor kids, friends and cousins!


And then, COME HOME AND PLAY! Smell it, touch it, knead it, drink some lemonade and, as always, add more glitter!!!!!!

Thanks for checking out this DIY on my blog! Please share the url with your friends and most importantly, have fun with your child(ren)! Happy summer!