What is YOUR cup of tea?

Hi. My name is Amanda Rice and this is, quite clearly, my first blog post. I have decided to create a blog (due to inspiration from my motivating and inspiring husband) to network with other moms, get ideas, share ideas (and many pictures I am sure), and to simply document the everyday happenings in the Rice household. Our son, Noah, is 3 years old and is so much fun! I really enjoy the time I have spent with him the past 3 year exploring, learning, and growing in the world around us.

Why is my blog called, “What is YOUR cup of tea”? Well, because it fits my life right now. I found this little tea shop called Chocolatea in Portage, MI, which is where we live. I fell in love. This little gem has CHOCOLATE, DESSERTS, AND TEA (as well as food, coffee, etc). Less than a year ago, a close friend of mine taught me to knit. We knit at Chocolatea once a week and what a GREAT way to get some mommy time! Nothing explains the person I am more than this next quote from Debbie Macomber’s book, The Shop on Blossom Street, “I love to knit. There’s a comfort to it that I can’t entirely explain. The repetition of weaving the yarn around a needle and then forming a stitch creates a sense of purpose, of achievement, of progress. When your entire world is unraveling, you tend to crave order, and I found it in knitting. In fact, I’ve even read the knitting can lower stress more effectively than meditation. And I guess for me it was a better approach, because there was something tangible to show for it. maybe because knitting gave me a sense of action, of doing something. I didn’t know what tomorrow held, but with a pair of needles in my hands and a ball of yarn in my lap, I was confident I could handle whatever lay ahead. Each stitch was an accomplishment. Some days all I could manage was a single row, but I had the satisfaction of that one small achievement. It made a different to me. A very big difference.” This quote for me goes right along with how I feel about every single hobby I have; quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, etc. It is all about order for me. I ALWAYS need order in my life.

You will notice in my writing and posts that I “LOVE” a lot of things. It is because I do. I value every moment on this earth and I try not to take advantage of that. I am also emotional and you will notice that as well. My need and desire for order is something else that you will easily note. I label everything. I like to know where things are and I really am a little OCD and a bit of a neat-freak. I will share my personal stories, desires, goals and loves in my blogging and I love feedback and other new ideas. We are moms. We work hard every single day. It makes no difference to me if you work from home or work out of the home…we all share on thing in common; WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN. My cup of tea is very likely to be different from yours. Maybe you like coffee? My literal cup tea is Hot Cinnamon Spice. My parenting style may also be different from yours.

Why do you enjoy being a parent? Why is it awesome? Why, some days, is it not? What is your “go-to” for some quiet time? What do you read? What is YOUR cup of tea?