Tomorrow…our journey begins!

June 4, 2014

To our Dearest Noah,

Good morning sweet boy. As you know, today is the beginning of an exciting new day in our home as we embark on a new adventure that God has called our family to – HOMESCHOOLING! As of today, you are a Kindergartener! Congratulations, sweetie! God has big plans for you and mommy and daddy are so excited to watch you grow! We know that preparing for this day came with many decisions, research, conversation, question, PRAYER and finally, confirmation and the beginning of something AWESOME!

Every homeschooling family does it differently and we need to thank our Almighty God for that freedom we hold dear to in our great country! As we begin to meet other homeschool families, you may notice that they do things different from us and that is AWESOME!! Let me tell you why. That means that their mommy and daddy have prayed, followed God’s lead and plan for their family, and that they are all beautifully and wonderfully made! Just like you! We are all unique and God created us all in HIS image to honor HIS kingdom, for HIS glory!

Mommy loved hearing from you the past few weeks about what YOU think our homeschool will be like. When I asked you where you go to learn new things, you responded with, “Home. I go home. I learn sometimes too at the Nature Center, the waterpark, parks, museums, all of our libraries, Air Zoo, and the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.”  Every one of the answers you gave points to the mere fact that you THINK LEARNING IS FUN! Yey! It is! Mommy also asked what one new thing you want to learn about is. I love that you said, “I want to learn how to sew and build a huge tower with wood.” I also asked what you like to do and you responded with, “Learn. I love to learn. I like climbing, taking care of Chance and Snowball, building airplanes with my legos, water, legos, looking for treasures, picking up pinecones, being home and painting things.” “Picking food from our garden and seeing and feeling the weather” were two things you mentioned looking forward to in the coming weeks of our homeschool. And lastly, mommy asked you why you think our family has taken this route for you education; “You and daddy are obeying God. You are my best friend.” “You are my best friend.” YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!!! You are. I love spending time with you, embracing the short time you are little, and taking all the time in the world to provide you with every teachable moment that you deserve. Buddy, mommy and daddy are keeping record of your vision for our family’s homeschool. We love your ideas and your thoughts are so important to us.

We are SO proud of the little boy you are, Noah. Keep shining, continue to honor God in all that you do, and always know that being YOU will always bring you the most happiness. Romans 12:2 says, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Always be YOU.

Well, enjoy your sprinkle pancakes! Happy 1st day of Kindergarten! We are so proud of you and SO excited! We cannot wait to explore OUR FATHER’S WORLD WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! J

All Our Love!

Mommy and Daddy


Meanwhile, mommy is realizing that our “homeschool room” looks a lot like our playroom (with a few new additions and changes). Probably because it is the same room we have spent Noah’s childhood playing, exploring, learning, and growing in. Amazing how that goes hand in hand!

I took a few pictures tonight because tomorrow is our “first day.” I want to remember tonight – and how it feels to be running after God’s calling on our family. I want to, when looking back, remember what it feels like to have God’s absolute embrace, confirmation and grace surround us like a shield. It is incredible and this adventure is beginning!


Sleep tight sweet boy! You were right in that “tomorrow is a new adventure!!!!!”

Our hymn;
“This Is My Father’s World” (and is it ever HIS!)


“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 NKJV



Getting Started!

Complied here is less than half of our homeschool materials that I started to gather, separate, and organize today. Not pictured is the literature collection that corresponds with each of the 27 units, as well as our other full/separate reading curriculum. Today I got the “student pages” separated into 27 labeled files and I now will begin to collect any items to use for supplemental purposes. I love that this curriculum is hands-on. It provides children a wealth of knowledge about God’s love and His character and how that relates to life now. We get to explore fun, thematic science units interwoven with Biblical concepts and truth – all while exploring God’s Creation in nature. We want Noah’s “formal education” to begin with a firm foundation in God’s Word, so we will be starting our focus on Creation from Genesis. This is going to be fascinating! Noah was helping organize things today and he is equally as excited; “Can we begin tomorrow?” Lol, soon. VERY soon.

God continues to bless the direction we are headed with the decision we have made to homeschool (Read past posts regarding our journey HERE and HERE). I want to take time to thank our friends and family who have been continually supportive as we make these important decisions for our family. There is a wealth of information, support, and resources available to homeschooling families out there and we are thankful to all who provided us guidance and heartfelt suggestions. It has been so great to have you to celebrate these exciting beginnings with us. We love you all!




This morning, we took a deeper look into that ever-so-pesky-to-adults but absolutely beautiful-in-the-eyes-of-children plant that begins to appear in the spring-time – DANDELIONS. We did some painting play (color blending as we only started with yellow and blue and we made green) and we also read Dandelion by Don Freeman. This “learning” took little planning and gathering on my end and now Noah is more excited than ever to see the little pesky yellow weeds pop up and beautify the world around him. Happy Spring!