This morning, we took a deeper look into that ever-so-pesky-to-adults but absolutely beautiful-in-the-eyes-of-children plant that begins to appear in the spring-time – DANDELIONS. We did some painting play (color blending as we only started with yellow and blue and we made green) and we also read Dandelion by Don Freeman. This “learning” took little planning and gathering on my end and now Noah is more excited than ever to see the little pesky yellow weeds pop up and beautify the world around him. Happy Spring!







How To Host A “Busy Bag Swap” Playdate!

In June, Noah and I hosted our first “Busy Bag” Swap at our home. We all do some traveling in the summer time, church, doctors appointments, dinner cooking (except me ;)…just kidding), etc. These little “Busy Bags” are perfect for this!

Each mom brings a different “busy bag” activity times “x amount” (depending on how many moms RSVP…because that is how many you will need to make). You will bring that amount of the same activity, storing each activity in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag. This is similar to the “meal swap” idea our playgroup did for a long time. I loved the idea of watching each mom carry a huge bag filled tons of different activities to their car! I plan to keep Noah’s “Busy Bags” stashed away and then slowly introduce one activity at a time.

Each activity needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Self-contained. This way, you can just grab a bag and GO! (without having to add a number of supplies to the bag in order to make it useful.)
  • Transportable. Yes, they will definitely be used at home, but I want to be able to grab a few bags to take to a restaurant, a waiting room, plane trips, car rides, etc.
  • Convenient. None of the bags will have supplies that require major set-up or clean-up: (no paint, watercolors, liquids, sand, dirt, etc.)
  • Inexpensive. I don’t want anyone spending too much money on this project!
  • Easy to Make. I don’t want anyone spending hours and hours and hours making their activity.
  • Re-usable. I want these activities to last a while so that our other children can use them in the future. Therefore, I avoided activities where you would have to buy new supplies to re-stock the bag. This is why lamination is important for some of the activities.

I just googled “Busy Bags” and found TONS of ideas! Check this link! I think this will be lots of fun! Bring this kids, obviously, provide a snack for your “busy” friends!

If you have any questions, comment on this post and I can try to walk you through it! This is so much fun and for SO LITTLE effort you get SO MUCH out of it!

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Happy 4th of July!


The strawberries are super easy to make! Just pick up a bag of white chocolate chips, melt them in the microwave for 10-15 minute increments until smooth (almost runny), use a fork to drizzle white chocolate over your berries, and then quickly sprinkle festive blue sugar on them! Wa-la!

This is an idea I borrowed and modified from Room to Inspire. Firework Licorice! What a profoundly GENIUS idea to bring as a treat for everyone while we watch the fireworks! Love, love, LOVE this!


Today, Noah and I hosted a 4th of July Playdate Party with our playgroup friends! What a blast we had! I love (there I go loving something again!) creating these memories for him. Something I always have enjoyed doing for Noah is hosting playdates; specifically themed ones! I love planning the theme, coming up with the crafts, making the “theme-related” snack, etc. For me, this is really what being a mom is all about!! Watching the kids have fun is something I find great joy in and I tend to cherish every moment with him as if it were the last. These moments of youth will not last forever!

I hope everyone has a fantastic, safe and sunny 4th of July!